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Sports 9


Speed, Technique & Strength Training
(Lead by NVA's USATF College Certified Coaches)
Registration is now open for our Football & Lacrosse Program


Football Explosive Speed and Technical Training Program -  This program is designed to develop the athlete's speed, agility and preparation for high level competition, with an overarching  emphasis on reaching their genetic potential. We will also work on preparing the athlete for Collegiate Combine testing and the skills they will need to stand out to evaluators. To accomplish that we focus on those controllable aspects of the Athlete and administer high level explosive drills and techniques to give the Athlete the best possible chance for success. We work on increasing reaction responsiveness, explosive muscle recruitment and efficient directed power. We do this by not only training the athletes body, but also by training the central nervous systems to improve its synchronization and speed of command of the skeletal muscle system; there by greatly improving every physical aspect of the athlete. From significantly increasing 40 yard dash times, to stabilizing weight shifts and balance during shuttle testing; from sprint technique improvements and body mechanics' knowledge, to the ability to self-reflect and self-correct. When an athlete possess the ability to  sense their body movements and technique (self-reflect), they are then able to make the appropriate corrections (self-correct) and improvements. Our program administers the appropriate  training and instruction in a practical plan to get the most out of your athlete
Lacrosse Explosive Speed and Technical Training Program - This program has been expanded to include our Lacrosse specific athletes. The same principles apply for training and development as above, but we will make sports level adjustments to ensue the Lacrosse athlete receives the training they require. 
Sunday 1 - 3pm
Eagle Ridge Middle School
S9 Performance Training Center (21750 Red Rum #177, Ashburn)
Aug 1 - Aug 29


Registration: Click here to Register