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Next Level
Youth Speed & Strength Training
12 and Under

(Lead by NVA's USATF College Certified Coaches)

This is the Level 1 training program that is designed for athletes 12 and is apart of the Next Level summer series. The advanced program will focus on strength as it relates to sprinting and explosive muscle development. Athletes will also master proper sprinting technique & mechanics, rate of force production and drills to develop the ability to recruit fast-twitch muscle fiber for dramatic improvements in their ability to accelerate. In addition, we will offer unique quickness and reaction drills and exercises that are proven to transform the athletes overall footwork and increase overall power output.
Skills developed from this program will benefit athletes in Track and Field as well as other sports such as football, soccer, lacrosse and basketball. Moreover, a higher emphasis will be given on core strength, increased flexibility as well as understanding of body mechanics and over all muscle recover and nutrition.


Fall Program - Coming soon