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Private Speed & Strength Training


We have been getting a number of requests for Private Training for individual attention and development. This type of training is the most beneficial when it comes to Form and Technique correction as well as goals settings and long-term development. The individual attention will be on one hour sessions that will be customized for each individual athlete and their skill level, events and age. Athletes will be required to keep a journal of their progression and goals.  It is recommended that athletes seeking Private Training be prepared for at least 4 training session to build the correct muscle memory.


There is no requirement for Private Training and the majority of the athletes get ample training and correction through our regular Ashburn Elite and Sports9 programs. So the Private Traing is designed for a boost for the serious athlete or those athletes that have a specific action they wish to improve on or correct. Athletes who particiapte in unique events, High Jump or Triple Jump for example, could also benefit from the Private Training since they are high level skill events that require repetitive and technique specific training.

If you are interested in Private Training Sessions please contact Coach Greene at or after practice.

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Private Training Specifics:

  • Sprinter Technique/Form

  • Sprinter Starts and Blocks

  • Hurdler Technique and Drills

  • High Jump

  • Triple/Long Jump

  • Mechanics Correction


Private Training Sessions:

One Hour Private Session- Ashburn Elite members: Register Here
Members will need to sign up for available sessions on Friday 6-8pm and Sunday 1-4pm